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EN: Finally my project Art feeds you (if you want to know more about this project keep an eye on my blog) is starting to take shape,because in this blog post we are knowing better the photographer Laura Zalenga,a person who I immensely admire.

EN: Let's see what answered Laura to my questions:

Me: For people who don't know you,what can you say about yourself?
Laura Zalenga: I’m Laura, 1990 born, living in Munich, madly in love with photography and traveling to people and places with my camera. I adore moods and stories, honest emotions and melancholy. 

Me: How did all this passion for photography start?
Laura Zalenga: Looking back it feels like it has always been there. Isn’t it always like that? I just know that my eyes turned into lenses. I constantly search locations, people, things to photography without even noticing.

Me: I have to tell you..that you constantly produce art,you already know it,but is it hard for you to find inspiration? 
Laura Zalenga: It totally depends. Some days my inspiration-box is empty and some days it explodes. The best thing is so accept it. But really I feel like everything has the power to inspire us. Words, tones, things laying around, people, art, nature, places, lights….

Me: Do you have a favorite photographer? 
Laura Zalenga: It changes every week. Lately I really love Ben Zank.

Me: What camera do you use now and which was your first one?
Laura Zalenga: I started with a tiny Nikon Coolpix and righ now I use a Sony Alpha 7R II. 

Me: Do you believe that the camera is the most important thing in photography? What else do you need? 
Laura Zalenga: I think it is one of the least important things. Ok, you need A camera but you don’t need the most expensive one. You much more need an idea, a feeling for colors, form and composition. 

Me: What made you keen on portraits? 
Laura Zalenga: I am just so fascinated by the diverse beauty of faces. But I also love the stories a tiny human can express at a interesting location.

Me: You worked on some incredible projects, what have you learned from this experience? 
Laura Zalenga: So many things. Mostly probably that failing is a key element to learning. That being professional and friendly is good but being true to yourself is most important. 
I recommend Grimm compact

Me: What would you say to those who just got started with photography? 
Laura Zalenga: What all the other say too: Shoot a lot. You can’t get good without practicing. Find out what you like and what inspires you and what you want to express. And then do it. Listen to yourself. Don’t copy others. Accept days that you don’t feel inspired. Experiment a lot.  …i should start doing some of these things more often again :D

Me: How do you feel about this interview?
Laura Zalenga: I really like question N°6. Too many people focus on gear too much. Some of my favorite photos I took with that tiny Coolpix in the beginning.

Note to Laura: Thank you so much for your time and keep doing what you love 'cause you are great and you represent a source of inspiration for many people.I respect your work and I hope that you continue to feed people with art as they feed you with it.
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