Fashion as a passion

Travel as obsession

Writing as expression

Hello! ♥ know what....and you probably know what I'm talking about,I am that type of girl who seeks for inspiration,I want to get in touch with all different kinds of styles,trends,exploring places and people's minds,but is always enough to seek for inspiration?

Blame me for posting my carpet.
I don't think so,imagine us..humans and how we breathe,we always breathe in and ALWAYS breathe out,this is how it works,you can't breathe in and say:~oh,I'll just leave it there!~ there is no such thing ( you know how to breathe:)) ) *btw Marian Hill-Breathe into me* and MY point was that the same thing is happening with INSPIRATION,basically it means that you have to seek for inspiration and also to create it,only then you can say how inspired you were.Only then is true.

This is piece of ART.

And yes,this ~Vintage affair~ post was an inspiring affair for me (I know affair is not the most suitable word to use in this case,but I like it) because I always liked all about vintage.Vintage was a huge source of inspiration for me and now I can finally express it in my own work.

Lavender lover.

Thank you,I hope you found this enjoying and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.