Fashion as a passion

Travel as obsession

Writing as expression


Let's talk architecture.

I am not keen on the subject architecture,I am just an amateurish person who loves art by all it means.
I like to travel a lot,because this is a way I evolve and enrich my soul.
I like to take pictures and I find myself pleased when I look over them few seconds after I took them or years after.
I'm not amazing and I will never be.
I appreciate myself and what I stand for.
I don't use other's minds to think.
I aspire to be independent.
I have my own strengths and weaknesses.
I am just a building from Sofia.
 Neo-Renaissance btw

You are what you eat,drink,think,like,do,love,etc.
You are what you do now and what you think right now.
You are so haeloooos complex.
Your only focus is present,because this is what defines you.

This sunset gave me the best emotion I have ever felt.Peace of mind.