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Actually it has to be Yassas! but anyways I wanted to catch up with you and tell you a short ”funny” story.
So..a few days ago I came back from Greece and I was in Lefkada,I almost visited the whole island,but one of the places which captured my attention was Porto Katsiki,because well..2 years ago I found a photo on the internet,I was searching for landscapes for my background and how I was telling I found a photo of Porto Katsiki,of course then I didn't know that this was the name of the beach,but back then I've searched and I've found that was somewhere in Lefkada and I know that because I was keep telling myself that I want to go in Lefkada in order to remember the name.
How funny is this destiny,I knew that I was going to Lefkada this year,but this beach was totally not planned,we just wanted to go somewhere else and I said let's go here to see where this leads.
And today I was searching for the phone I had back then to see if there is the photo anymore...and guess what I found it,charged it and there is the photo the proof so to say.
So...this is the reason why the post title sounds like this and I will show you a few pictures from this amaaaazing place,it's definitely worth it if you want to visit it sometime.

Greece is definitely an amazing country,I've always been on the both sides,I mean..I love sea and mountains,snow and water,my fav sport is skiing and I really like swimming,things like that..and if you follow my instagram profile @impavid21 which is barely new you will see that half of my heart is there and I will visit it until I get over it (this is what I actually do all the time).So..last time in Corfu,now in Lefkada..we'll see what happens next year.

These colors blow my mind. 

When you realize that you are leaving that place.

Thank you,I hope it was a pleasure for you to read this blog post and I want to know if something like that has happened to you too.