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This week,I decided to start a series about interior design,somehow dedicated to my future home hihi and now I want to continue it with some design ideas for bedroom,because this room is the closest to your soul and body and you need to have a proper place to dream.And remember if you are satisfied with your surroundings that can make you happier,confident and more optimistic.So #dear,futurehome let's get started and see some beautiful ideas!

This is a modern design idea and the vibrant purple it fits very well for my taste.

This is a combination between classic and modern,which gives a luxurious note.
I will always like white,because all looks clean and on point.
This photo just tells me that I have to be on the seashore right now.
What I love the most about this design idea is the window seat.
Here is a design idea which is decorated with taste and grey tones.
I hope you liked this post and I wait to see which is your favorite one.hugs
I want to make a collaboration for the next month,if anyone is available please contact me at: and let me know.Thank you!