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Yesterday,I decided to start a series about interior design,somehow dedicated to my future home hihi and now I want to continue it with some design ideas for living room,because this room is very important,because in this room you spend the most time and not only by yourself,but with your family and friends.And remember if you are satisfied with your surroundings that can make you happier,confident and more optimistic.So #dear,futurehome let's get started and see some beautiful ideas!

This design idea is my favorite one,because I love this color and it gives such a deep sensation when you look at it.

This design idea is luxurious and all looks on point. 

If I showed my favorite one and the luxurious one,we can't forget about the cozy one which I really like.

I love white furniture and when I see a decor with this color I absolutely like it.

This is a modern design and I am opened to all kind of styles not just the classic ones and this gives me summer atmosphere and releax,sea.

This is also a luxurious design and I like the contrast between light and darkness.

This is a combination between modern,classic and luxurious,I really like it.

I hope you liked this post and I wait to see which is your favorite one.hugs