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Hello,beautiful creatures!
This post is all about stages of spring so to say.I am very grateful for this incredible nature and for all she has to give to us.Also,in nature I find my interior peace,I can assemble all my thoughts and it can boost my optimism and positivity.

I really like to talk about what makes us happy in this life and all the moods that we go through and this season I think is the most complex one.

For example,in this season there is all the beauty:flowers,fresh fruits,sunny days,all green,a lot of colors,new discoveries,enjoying your special moments like eating your favorite dessert...all that giving you positive vibes and great energy to start the day.
My favorite dessert (in case you want to buy me one,wink)

But as we all know,in every situation there is a brighter and a darker side,all you have to do is to take them as a chance to learn something useful.

If there is beauty in this season,there is also something not very pleasant as rain,because to be realistic even if I am a pluviophile (a lover of rain,someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days),I realize the fact that if the sky is cloudy and darker you won't have such a positive mood.But,let's not take everything as it is,I don't like that saying "Let it go!" don't let it go,catch the feeling,hold it and discover its beauty,its mystery.Look how beautiful those flowers look with that little tiny drops it's a combination between something beautiful and something that causes many deaths and disasters,but it still looks amazing like a piece of art.Probably,that's the reason why beautiful girls are with the dumbest boys on this planet and people still think they are cute.

And remember "The darkest nights produce the brightest stars." and I didn't say that,there are wiser people who said it.