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I really wanted for a long time to write a post about perfumes,because I like them so much..I feel like they are ticket to your heart and mind,like a trip for free in your state of mind and like a bookmark for the chapter ''Attitude'' . My favorite one is Envy 2 me by Gucci.
This is the most intense form of memory as J.P.Guerlain said and I will never be fully dressed without them.(C.Joybell)

Today,I make a review...a little bit unusual for my blog,because it's the first time when I make one and I'm really excited to talk about something that enhances my mood.

Another thing that I like about them is their commercial (I love kinder bueno commercials btw,haha),I really enjoy watching them,because I find them so appealing and mysterious.Also their presentation is very important for me and Bvlgari never disappointed me.

When it comes to fragrances I am very picky,actually I am very picky if you like sweet,fruity smells..I am sorry to disappoint you,because the Jasmin Noir perfume is not like that at all, „Mon Jasmin Noir Perfume by Bvlgari is all about revealing the secrets of the woods.”

 I am that kind of person that likes strong perfumes and this is just perfect: it's seductive, it's refined,bold and it's beautiful.„Lily of the valley and the gorgeous sambac jasmine combined with the animalic nougatine, and oriental woods to give a fragrance to orchid stylishness and passion.” 
This is not a new perfume,it was launched in 2011 by Bvlgari,but I don't really care about these details and when I saw the cover with the lion,I said ~mine,mine,mine,mine!~ (leo sign btw).

Thank you for spending some of your precious time on my blog and I hope you enjoyed it!
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