Fashion as a passion

Travel as obsession

Writing as expression


A few days ago,I was again lost into the woods,but unfortunately is not everything green and even now when I'm writing is raining,but it's okay,because I can find peace of mind and finally relax.Here are some photos,I think this is a great way to keep memories alive and for me adding those pictures right here was like experiencing again that moment.So..keep taking photos,because you literally cannot remember everything.

Just say Yes! to a lot of new things,things that are getting you out of your comfort zone and you will discover and surprise yourself with what you can do.And I don't say that,because I have gone into the woods and now,wow I got out of my comfort zone,but I tried to get involved in a lot of new projects that I usually didn't consider and I hope all will be good.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that was pleasant to you,I will end with a sarcastic joke which I've heard it yesterday; just to get out of here with a smile on your face: „ You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold ”.And that moment when your sarcasm is so advanced that people may think you are stupid.haha (laughing alone & writing this) weirdo~