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Hello and happy birthday ladies all over the world!
Today,I'll show you some things that every woman would like to receive and because is the 8 of March ,we'll talk also about moms,besties and every woman on this planet.

8 mars

1.Flowers-tell me a person that doesn't like to receive flowers,of course talking about ladies,because if you give a huge bouquet of flowers to a man,I'm not sure that he would be very impressed.(that joke...move on Alexandra).Flowers are that little symbol of love which is meant to be showed everyday,if you'd ask me.:))
2.Jewelry-again tell me a woman that doesn't like to receive jewels,I think it doesn't exist.It doesn't matter how expensive is that piece of jewel,the gesture is important.
3. 8 March is also known like Mother's Day and we can't forget about our mother which is the most important woman in our entire life,so for them anything that is from heart,little things,I've noticed that are the most appreciated.
4.Perfume-I know you...and you know me,we girls are using the perfume daily,of course we need also a bath and other products(whateeeever) BUT we like this thing so much and if you know our tastes,you can't go wrong with that.
5.Beauty products-Of course,we can't forget about beauty products and the enthusiasm is bigger when there are a lot of things,it doesn't matter that we'll probably throw 80% of them,girls always like this.
6.For our besties,there could be also some motivational things to show them your love.
7.Accessories- I don't know about you,but I love to receive accessories and on my bucket list are these gorgeous headphones from FRENDS.
8.Photo album/Journals-This type of gift is also beautiful&emotional and I'm sure that people with whom you share important moments in your life will appreciate this,actually love this.
9.Travel pouch- I also like these things that keep you organized,if you are a girl,you know what I'm talking about and we always like this kind of things,an example could be this travel pouch/bag from Marc Jacobs.
10.Ladies let's spread a HUG all over the world,because it's our day(actually everyday should be) and let's stick together,because we are one of a kind and we don't need a day that celebrates us,we need a whole world.(I know I exaggerated a little bit)