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Usually,everyone goes to a party in the night between the years and everyone wants to look glamorous and flawless,so I decided to make for you some suggestions about how you can dress up for the New Year's Eve party.
Every single look is a little bit sophisticated,because I consider that this night is itself a little bit sophisticated and even though you are not a celebrity or I don't know what,you can be the star of that night and I want to help you with this.

1)The first look is glamorous and certainly is not an usual look,is fancy,a little bit classy,but of course stunning,I can see this wearing someone as a model,yes a model.

2)The second look is casual,is casual elegance,is a little bit childish,pretty and is so good if you don't really want to get out of your comfort zone,but also to stay stylish.

Casual elegance

3)Finally,the last one which is one of my favourite and I really like the nude color.This look is luxurious and sophisticated,but I'll definitely choose this one if I have to go to a glamorous party and don't forget that in the night between the years you have to wear your best.

Nude luxe

P.S: I don't forget the ones who are wearing pajamas in that night,I think I'll be one of them:))
Tell me in the comments below what look suits you best.
din seria cam asa intra Alexandra in lumea modei