Fashion as a passion

Travel as obsession

Writing as expression

I've always had this thing for United Kingdom, like a dark,secret passion of wanting to live there, which now is FINALLY HERE. I've dreamt about living in that society from old movies: with classy stylish people, mannered, always having the right words intensified by that strong,sexy accent.

Now, that I'm here and I can actually see Peaky Blinders (one of my fav british tv series), being partly filmed on the streets of the city where I'm living is just unbelievable and in some ways hard to realize when I'm thinking where I came from.

Everything just seems like a dream in which I'm free, at least partly...and I can do what I truly desire (who's actually watching Lucifer, will get that...haha). Of course, life struggles are still here as in everyone's life, but the fact that you change the background, the faces, the fact that you sense some difference..sometimes is just so effective and healing I will dare to say.