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Hello,beautiful people!

This post is all about London and all the beauty in it,because I believe that every part of this globe has its beautiful part,even people,haha.
Tower Bridge 

Big Ben

Last year my mom was in London,when I was still at school :( and I "stole" some photos from her trip and show it to you (I know she is a good photographer).
After she came,she was impressed and she promised me that I'll go there too,because I want to see this city,the more the better!!!haha

But what has absolutely fascinated me are their parks.

London Eye present.
Also their architecture is beautiful.

British Museum

 I really like this statue!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm waiting you here for more.
Have you ever been in London or would you like to visit UK?
I want to make a collaboration in the near future,so please feel free to introduce yourself:
I won't bite!Thankies!