Fashion as a passion

Travel as obsession

Writing as expression

Any tea lovers right here?
You know that moment when you are feeling so full of ''sheeat'' and decide that is time to take a break,meditate and why not drink some tea.So..I had that kind of moment and now after I drunk my ~Dream of fruits Tea~ I'm feeling a lot better.This week is announced for me to be very stressful,what about you?

Oh..I almost you love
scarves?Because,I do and I have some ”special ones”.
Why tea and scarves?
I know that is supposed to be spring,but is soooo cold outside,kind of ”never-leaving” winter.
And some music to you:

♫ X Ambassadors-Jungle

♪ The Civil Wars-The one that got away

I look like a gypsy right here,but no problem,I really like their style!