Fashion as a passion

Travel as obsession

Writing as expression

I have a little obsession with this country,because I want to visit it so bad.Of course,there are a lot of countries that I want to visit,but this in particular right now.Personally I want to visit this country,because as I can see and has a lot of things that I love,starting with all these beautiful landscapes,especially in the winter,which is one of my favourite season,also the inspiring fashion industry and what intrigued me the most was the fact that Sweden is one of the countries with the highest standard of living in the world.
So let's start with that 10 reasons (of course,are more):

1. Sweden is literally gorgeous in every season.

2.Winter is stunning.

3.We cannot forget about northern lights (Aurora borealis).

4.They love pastry and they have this ritual of drinking coffee or tea and eating pastry,called ''fika'' .

5.They love nature.

Most pictures are from or buzzfeed

6.Sweden has exported some of the most talented musicians and music producers and we love music.

7.The social welfare system: free education and health care, for starters (awesome&free universities).

8.The combination between old and modern.

9.Swedish fashion and lifestyle will inspire you. (I'm sure you've heard about IKEA or H&M)

10.What about winter sports,skiing is my favourite or you can see some ice hotels.